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Re: GitLab migration


to 17. lokak. 2019 klo 13.49 Marco Ciampa (ciampix@xxxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

> Are you aware of this?:
> https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/10/16/gitlab_employees_gagged/
Those kind of disputes, negative and positive discrimination and the
current global mindset of even mass-harrassing people and organizations who
don't take a stance in those disputes make me tired. Would you like to see
this list to turn into a political forum? Would you say "no" to people who
would start talking politics here? Or should the KiCad licence have an
exclusive exception for the users who you deem to be immoral? (Open Source
or Free licences can't have such exceptions.)

I'm interested in KiCad, not second-degree separation.
( “Second-degree separation means that if you find someone whom you think
is theologically or ethically compromised, you must separate from that
person, as well as from other people who have not separated from the first
individual.” —John Woodbridge )

I'll stop here (otherwise I would contradict myself, if I haven't
contradicted already).

Eeli Kaikkonen