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GitLab migration


The lead development team has been discussing migrating the KiCad
project to GitLab[1].  Given the issues with Launchpad, I think this is
a good move.  I've applied for an open source GitLab license.  Assuming
we get accepted, I would like to start this process after the 5.1.5
release.  Here is a short list of action items that need to be done for
the source repo transition:

* Freeze the Launchpad source repo.
* Push the frozen repo to GitLab.
* Disable the Launcpad bug tracker.
* Add a note and link to the Launcpad project page that the project is
now hosted on GitLab.
* Create blog announcement once the transition is complete.

There are a few unknowns:

Would it be possible to migrate open bug reports to GitLab?  I suspect
we could come up with a script like we did when we migrated from

What to do about the mailing list?  GitLab doesn't support mailing lists
yet so I'm thinking we leave the mailing list on Launchpad for the short
term.  We can always migrate the mailing list at a later date or use
some other communication tool such as discourse.

Further down the road, I would like to see all of the KiCad source repos
including the library, documentation, website, and translation repos
migrated to GitLab as well.  It would make my life a lot easier from a
project management perspective if they were all in the same place.  I
expect there to be some resistance to using a source code version tool
but I'm hoping folks will see this as a beneficial move.  I'm not
terribly familiar with GitLab but I suspect it's not that much different
than GitHub as a hosting platform so I don't expect there to be a very
steep learning curve.  If you have any concerns, now is the time to
speak up or forever hold your peace.



[1]: https://gitlab.com/

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