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SCH_PAINTER object question


Does anyone know if there is a way to draw a symbol grayed out to appear
as though it's disabled (not editable) or am I going to have to write
it?  I couldn't find any obvious way to do this but maybe I'm over
looking something.  The reason I ask is the new inheritance model will
require some major changes to the current library editor design.  I
would like to show the flattened symbol (currently the old LIB_ALIAS
object along with the LIB_PART that it inherits) but with the editing
tools disabled so that you can only edit the child symbol properties
rather than the current behavior of always showing the LIB_PART symbol
even when one of it's aliases are selected.  The library editor is the
last of the changes before I start working on the new symbol library
file format.



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