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Re: Python files still depending on Python2 only due used shebang


On 10/26/19 10:46 AM, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
> Am 26.10.19 um 16:09 schrieb Seth Hillbrand:
>> I've added [1] so that we make sure to get to it before v6 is released.
>> What is the timeline for the new stable Debian/Fedora?  Do we need to
>> accelerate this for 5.1.6?
> The next Debian stable release is planned for autumn 2021. So no rush needed.

Fedora 31 is due out this coming Tuesday (2019-10-29).  It will still have python2 available, but the generic "python" command will be linked to python3.  Scripts would have to be changed to explicitly call python2.

Fedora 32, in about 6 months, will remove python2 for most purposes.  There will be a python27 package available for legacy use, but from what I can tell, it would have to be installed manually by a user - automatic installation via dependencies will not be allowed.

Bottom line - figure 6 months for Fedora before python2 is history.