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Re: Benchmarking kicad compilation on CPUs released 6 years apart



I've made another quick run for Release builds:

                Make    Ninja
Scripting ON    5:19.66 5:03.91
                3336%   3565%
Scripting OFF   3:33.84 3:08.50
                4947%   5684%

That is with -j64 on 2 socket T2P9D01.

You can see that dependency generation makes about 15 seconds difference
(the CMake generator for Makefiles has that as a separate step, while the
generator for Ninja knows how to output dependency information during the
first build).

The Python scripting makes a huge difference, because the Swig header needs
to be generated before we can start on the pcbnew subdirectory, and both
this generator and compiling the wrappers take ages, so there is less

Even a factor of 56.84 is quite some distance from 64, so there may be some
potential left.


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