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Re: Benchmarking kicad compilation on CPUs released 6 years apart


On 11/5/19 9:59 AM, Simon Richter wrote:

I've made another quick run for Release builds:

                 Make    Ninja
Scripting ON    5:19.66 5:03.91
                 3336%   3565%
Scripting OFF   3:33.84 3:08.50
                 4947%   5684%

That is with -j64 on 2 socket T2P9D01.

You can see that dependency generation makes about 15 seconds difference
(the CMake generator for Makefiles has that as a separate step, while the
generator for Ninja knows how to output dependency information during the
first build).

Wow.  I have nowhere near your horsepower but still run a 12-core system and don't see anywhere near this discrepancy.Must be in the extended parallelism.

For me,
                Make    Ninja
Scripting ON    8:04.92 7:25.43
                1043%   1127%
Scripting OFF   7:33.23 7:15.09
                1090%   1129%

That is to say, scripting adds about 10-30 seconds on a full build.  Do you see a difference between running '-j64' and '-j <n cores + 1>' on the POWER9?

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