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Re: Project save as


Hey Jeff,

On 11/9/2019 12:06 PM, Jeff Young wrote:
> I’m working through the project Save As feature.
> I currently have it renaming the top-level files, updating the symbol and footprint lib tables, updating paths in Gerber job files, and updating paths and filenames in the netlist.  
> A couple of questions:
> 1) The netlist I’m handling is a .net file which contains s-expressions.  Are there other formats I need to worry about?  Do they also use .net, or some other extension(s)?

I don't think you need to copy files that are generated by KiCad such as
netlist, gerber, and 3D model files.  These can all be regenerated from
the new project.

> 2) Mention was made of updating sheet paths in .sch files.  However, those never refer to the top-level schematic, do they?  If other sheet paths are absolute then we shouldn’t update them, and if they’re relative then we don’t need to update them.  Or am I missing something?

Relative paths will need to be updated if they are not contained in the
current project path and the new saved project path is at a different
branch depth in the path tree.  Example: a sheet schematic path is
../some_other_path/some_other.sch and the project is saved to
../one_node_deeper/project_saved_as/, the sheet schematic path would
have to be adjusted to ../../some_other_path/some_other.sch in order for
the schematic to load correctly.  This is the primary reason this
feature does not exist yet.  It's not as trivial as it would seem to
implement unless you don't care about breaking the saved as project.

> 3) What about legacy schematic and/or board files?  Any paths in those?

Any relative 3D model paths suffer from the same problem described
about.  I'm not sure the 3D path code allows for relative 3D model paths.

That's all I can think of at the moment but that doesn't mean there are
not other issues that I've missed.

> Thanks,
> Jeff.
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