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Re: [Discussion] PCB Calculator: Resistor calculator


On 11/13/19 9:54 AM, Dmitry Rezvanov wrote:
Hello, everyone.

Now I'm working on the resistor/capacitor/inductor calculator.
In the attachment - very preliminary version of the design.
Upper block - for calculating result from two known values.
Lower block - vice versa, for finding the configuration and values of
two components for target value.
Please, don't hit me too hard, I did this while crossing the Ballmer Peak.
I really hope for feedback and opinion.

P.S. And sorry for my bad English. English isn't my native language, so
I swear, I try to work on it every day.

Hi Dmitry-

This looks like a good start.

I'd prefer if we did not bother with the "Calculate" section.  This is light calculation that shouldn't need extra space and maintenance.

The Synthesize section is very useful especially if you are planning on giving tolerances in the potential outputs based on the various resistor/capacitor series.

The box spacing is not even between your three columns.  RCL, Calculate and Formula are at different heights.

I'm not sure that we need two windows for the output.  I'd remove the "Result" window and put the results in the window on the right.

In the synthesis, I think you just want a single input resistance value as the target value.  Then, you should have the option for 2x/3x/4x resistors in the calculation result.

Thanks for taking this on and I look forward to seeing the code result.


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