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It looks like Fedora may be switching from OCE to OCC, so I'm doing a trial build with OCC.

How would folks recommend testing the build?  I'm not sure what would be necessary.

Also, I have a question about CMakeLists.txt.  Around line 91, it says:

    "Build tools and plugins related to OpenCascade Technology (overrides KICAD_USE_OCE, default OFF)"
    OFF )

Note the comment that says KICAD_USE_OCC will override KICAD_USE_OCE.  Thus, one would think that just setting KICAD_USE_OCC=ON would be sufficient to automatically set KICAD_USE_OCE=OFF

Also, the code at line 472 makes it look like setting KICAD_USE_OCC=ON would set KICAD_USE_OCE=OFF.  However, in my build, that didn't work, and I had to explicitly set KICAD_USE_OCE=OFF.


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