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KiCad joins the Linux Foundation


I just pushed a blog post to the KiCad website that KiCad has joined the
Linux Foundation so consider this the official announcement.  The
project did this to give donors a choice of how they want to donate to
KiCad and it gives us some more flexibility on how we can spend donation
money.  This does not in any way change our relationship with CERN and
you can continue to donate via CERN if that is your preference.  You
should be seeing announcements from the Linux Foundation shortly.

I need to add a "Donate via Linux Foundation" button to the KiCad
website main page.  If someone would please point me to the correct
place in the website source where I need to do this, I would appreciate
it.  If you would rather do it yourself, the KiCad LF donation link is

Who has the account login information for the KiCad Facebook page?  I
didn't create this so it would be nice if I had edit access so I could
post announcements there instead of asking someone else to do it.

I hope joining the Linux Foundation will improve our potential donor
visibility so we can continue to grow the KiCad project.  Thank you all
for your continued support.



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