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Re: Back annotate references from PCB


Le 23/11/2019 à 00:05, janvi@xxxxxxxxx a écrit :
>> On 22.11.19 21:12, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> What Jeff described is the simplest case.  Where things really get
>> interesting is when you start sharing schematic files between projects.
> Imho multiple use of a schematic requires separate instance data.
> Similar problem for the recently discussed variant/do not fit where
> the values are different instead reference designators. Could imagine
> both, e.g. a filter circuit used multiple times for different frequency
> whether its on the same board or not. If used outside project, the
> project file could link instance data to schematic. Penalty is not
> having complete schematics in one file.

I agree: sharing the same schematic file between projects projects is
the best way to break the projects.

For instance:
- projects can have different libraries using the same library nickname,
and having different symbols having the same lib id between projects.
- alternate references (AR lines) exist only for complex hierarchies
when the same file has more than one instance in the same project
- when the hierarchy is not complex, only the F0 field (reference)
stores the reference.
So, changing it in a project breaks the other project if this sheet is
shared between projects.
And there are more subtle cases (what about swapping 2 units in a
multi-unit component in a project?)

So sharing a sheet file between projects is just madness.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS