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INFO: added a enhancement: schematic pin function stored in pads.


I just added a enhancement in Pcbnew:
After updating the PCB from schematic, the pin names (pin functions) are
now stored in Pads.

When not empty, they are shown in the message panel (bottom of the pcb
editor frame) among other pad settings (like netname).

This enhancement is due to the fact Gerber files can use (in the
metadata parameters) this info (it is shown by Gerbview) and Pick and
Place files in Gerber format also use this info.
In P&P files it is especially useful to help to verify is some
components (like diodes, polarized capacitor) are correctly oriented.

However, because storing pin function in pads modify the .kicad_pcb file
format, currently this new info is saved in files *only* if the line
is added to the "kicad_advanced" config file, in the folder where other
kicad config files are stored.
(until this enhancement is fully tested and fully defined)
If stored, the .kicad_pcb file is no longer readable by "old" versions.

.kicad_mod files do not store this info, as it is closely linked to the
net info, so no change for them.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS