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Re: Using OPT types


On 2019-11-24 09:09, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

I also dislike auto, except in the case of stl::’s overly-verbose iterators. Again, they make the code harder to read more often than not.

I'm seriously rethinking typedefs as well. I can never seem to remember the type they represent so I have to dig around the source to figure out
the actual type.  I'm thinking just typing out the full type is easier
in the shortened typedefed version which was most likely only created to
save some typing.

I generally like both of these. But part of that is because my IDE (VS Code and sometimes Eclipse) shows me the underlying type when I mouse hover over the auto variable. Same thing with type aliases. If I needed to dig for them or remember, I would definitely come down in the other camp.


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