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Re: Who controls gitlab.com/kicad?


On 2019-11-25 13:28, Seth Hillbrand wrote:

> On 11/25/19 1:01 PM, Michael Geselbracht wrote: 
>> That's me. Someone from Gitlab just contacted me. I totally missed this mailing. 
>> I have replied that I was not aware that my private group names may affect other users and that I am willing to rename the group. 
>> Is it sufficient to just rename the group name? Or will this only change the displayed group name and leave the internal name as it is? 
>> - Michael

Thanks to Michael, the KiCad instance is now reachable at
https://www.gitlab.com/kicad .  Many Thanks! 

We'll continue testing the migration there and publish a timeline for
transition.  Please feel free to open any issues at

In the meantime, please log in to GitLab and ensure you have the same
e-mail account between GitHub and GitLab as this will assist with user
mapping.  Otherwise all of the issues. will get mapped to the KiCad-Bot.


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