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Packaging for GitLab migration


Hi All-

We're looking at timelines now for GitLab migration.  One thing we'd like to ensure is that the nightlight builds are still available. Toward that end, I've submitted a couple PRs for updating the git repository to the new GitLab location in the Fedora and Mac builds. It looks like Nick has a similar PR for the Windows build that should work with a minor modification.

The GitLab repository is a read-only mirror at the moment but it is the same content as the launchpad repository.  Once the lead devs switch to committing code to GitLab, the launchpad repository will not be updated.

The new git URL is https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad.git

I don't see a method for submitting a patch to the Ubuntu nightly build.  @Jean-Samuel, will you be able to update the source location?


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