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GitLab migration


In case you haven't been paying attention, KiCad is in the process of
migrating to GitLab.  This process will happen slowly starting with the
source repo and eventually culminating in all of the repos that KiCad
directly and indirectly depend on being migrated as well.

The first thing to migrate will be the source repo.  I plan on making
the current main repo read only tomorrow morning.  If you have anything
you wish to merge, please do so by tomorrow by 8AM EST.  I will make the
announcement when the change over is complete.

We are going to try out the merge request system provided by GitLab
instead of our current patch submission method.  The means that you need
to get a GitLab account if you do not already have one.  Any outstanding
patches and merger request should be resubmitted using GitLab.  In the
long run this will be less work for the lead devs so please be patient
while we work through this transition.

In the next few weeks the bug reporting system will be migrated to
GitLab so if you want to continue filing bug reports, you will have to
create a user account on GitLab if you do not already have one.  I will
make am announcement of the date that the Launchpad bug tracker will be
disabled and when you will be able to resume filing bug on GitLab.

I will also be disabling the Launchpad blueprint and answers pages as
well.  We not going to migrate the blueprints to GitLab because the
entire blueprint system is a mess due to the lack of sane permissions.
We may have to manually migrate the useful blueprints to GitLab once we
have a reasonable process for doing so.

One thing that will stay on Launchpad for the time being are the mailing
lists.  GitLab doesn't support mailing lists so we will continue using
the mailing lists we have set up on Launchpad  until there is a better

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this transition.
Hopefully when the GitLab transition is complete, having the project
under a single hosting system will make life a little easier for the
lead dev team and project leader.



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