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Re: v6 roadmap and schedule (was Re: 5.1.5 released.)


pe 29. marrask. 2019 klo 20.28 Ruth Ivimey-Cook (ruth@xxxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

> I'm not sure if it's been dealt with already but one of the issues I
> struggle with is that component boundaries are the enclosing box, and
> components cannot (AFAIK) be marked as not selectable. For example, I have
> a "component" which is the outline of a daughterboard (for a BB Black). The
> component ensures the relation between the edge cuts and the connector
> footprint is maintained. However, on more than one occasion I have messed
> up the board badly by moving the board component without realizing it.
> I have two requests from this situation:
> 1.  I would *really* like to be able to lock components in place,
> preventing them from being moved (or even selected) until unlocked. Lock =
> select and "Lock", Unlocking might be done with a separate list of locked
> items, or with a UI action that unlocks anything in a drawn area, or by an
> Unlock All action.
> 2.  I would like the selection code to prefer selecting items by visible
> artefact, e.g. a line or some text, and only if there is no such artefact
> under the cursor to consider things nearby. I'm particularly thinking here
> of clicking on an component placed beside e.g. an IC footprint, though not
> on it. If the component is under the cursor then that should be selected
> directly even if the cursor is also within the bounding box of the IC.