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Re: Back annotate references from PCB


la 30. marrask. 2019 klo 9.54 Alexander Shuklin (jasuramme@xxxxxxxxx)

> Many thanks, I hope my patch is not very bad.
> You can find that patch in my fork:
> https://github.com/jasuramme/kicad-source-mirror/commit/64dc222de6149cc789158db80bbe0696cf47dc3d
I've got error when compiling (on Linux):

eeschema/netlist_object.cpp:254:47: error: no match for ‘operator=’
(operand types are ‘std::vector<wxString>’ and ‘wxArrayString’)
             bus_contents_vec = alias->Members();

I just made a fresh clone from https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad and
compiled it successfully. Then I added your fork as remote, checked out to
backanno and tried to compile.

Can you fork from the new kicad gitlab repo?

Eeli Kaikkonen

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