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Re: v6 roadmap and schedule (was Re: 5.1.5 released.)


It might be good to add links to relevant issues (bug/wishlist reports) to
the roadmap. Readers would find more details and take part into
discussions. Now when the document is in gitlab it's easy to add some and
make a merge request. Is it OK if I do that?

Eeli Kaikkonen

ma 2. jouluk. 2019 klo 20.56 Wayne Stambaugh (stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx)

> Hi Ruth,
> Feedback is always welcome.  For V6, I'm trying to keep us on track for
> the road map items as they stand.  Rehashing these goals at the moment
> would be counter productive but I'm certainly willing to entertain your
> suggestion once we've released V6.  For future reference, please post
> one email per topic.  I know this is more work from your perspective but
> there is no way to manage an email thread covering every topic you
> mentioned.
> Thanks,
> Wayne

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