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Hi Folks-

FOSDEM 2020 is a little more than 1 month away and we're hoping to get a good group of KiCad folks together at and around the weekend.

Last year, we tried a group chat system using WhatsApp to coordinate and meetup.  It worked well but many folks had well-justified concerns about utilizing a closed solution for this, especially one controlled by Facebook.

This year, we're going to use Zulip[1], which is open source from app to core.  It's similar to Slack or Mattermost or other chat systems.  It has decent desktop and web interfaces as well as phone apps.  The website doesn't size very well for phone usage but the phone specific apps do well.

We've set up a FOSDEM-specific room for event-related conversations and coordination on site.  You can join the room at https://kicad.zulipchat.com/join/iabkkf35trcq1mv2ygdpn6qo/

As we get closer to the event, we'll start planning the KiCad group dinner again this year.


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