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Re: FOSDEM 2020


On 2019-12-15 01:40, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
Hello Seth,

Am 10.12.19 um 23:19 schrieb Seth Hillbrand:
We've set up a FOSDEM-specific room for event-related conversations and
coordination on site.  You can join the room at

please not only use this channel for communications, spread news around
the Fosdem event and the presence of the KiCad project and contributors
alse here in the ML and/or also on the website.

I'm e.g. unable to register in Zulip (haven't heard about this before)
but I'm also not willing to install and use $some application for an on
time usage.

Usually I'm on Fosdem and also willing to meet other people from the
project or talk to other users. Time to keep up on all things I'm
somehow involved in my free time is really limited, can all the
important facts about KiCad@Fosdem2020 gathered on the website please so
all is visible easily?

Hi Carsten-

All pre-planned information has been shared on the mailing list, e.g. KiCad Dinner, KiCad Coding Day, etc.

Zulip is for small, on-the-ground coordination. It is helpful to know where people are meeting for lunch or an improptu debug session or who is running late.

I hope that you'll be able to make the KiCad dinner. If you would like to be informed of the more minor communications, please send me your phone number and I'm happy to text you the information.

Seth Hillbrand
KiCad Services Corporation
+1 530 302 5483 | +1 212 603 9372

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