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Re: Version String using KICAD_VERSION


On 12/17/19 3:13 PM, Ian McInerney wrote:
> Is the version string supposed to be able to be overridden on the CMake command line (e.g. specifying -DKICAD_VERSION="blah")? It appears that the version string defined by CMake is always taking priority (then the git string is used afterwards if it exists), so this flag is being overwritten.
> I assume that this is something we are fine with, (if so I can cleanup the documentation and some of the CMake code around it). If not, then I guess we need to fix it.
> Is there anyone actively trying to use the -DKICAD_VERSION flag? Should we still support that (or only support the KICAD_VERSION_EXTRA flag?

Fedora Linux only uses the  KICAD_VERSION_EXTRA flag.


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