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Learn to Code KiCad -- Asia edition


Hi Folks-

This January 31, 8-10 intrepid coders will join us in Brussels for the inaugural Learn to Code KiCad day. It looks to be an excellent gathering.

But Europe is a long flight for some, so I'm going to run the workshop at FOSSASIA as well. FOSSASIA happens March 19-21 in Singapore with the following day (Sunday, March 22) devoted to DevSprints. I'll be presenting on KiCad at FOSSASIA and would love to meet up with any KiCad folks who will be attending.

At this DevSprint, I’ll help you understand how the various KiCad components fit together and work with you to get your favorite feature from idea to committed code.

What you need:

1) An identified bug report (or multiple) that you’d like to address. This can be either a legitimate bug or a wishlist feature that is triaged in our system.
2) A laptop with your development environment
3) A GitLab account
4) A compiling version of KiCad
5) A working knowledge of C++ coding

The FOSSASIA DevSprints provide space, power and wifi for this event. I'll work alongside you to get your idea or bug fix into commit shape. At the end of the day, you should be able to get at least 1 and possibly multiple bug report fixes under your belt and into the code base! The DevSprint request for this has been submitted. In the event that we don't make their cut, we will hold this event off-site similar to the FOSDEM coding day.

If you’re coming to FOSSASIA 2020 and would like to participate, please e-mail me directly (off-list to preserve people’s inboxes). Send me your name/contact info and the list of 1 or more GitLab bugs you’d like to work on during the day. I’ll add you to our shared sheet (to deconflict bugs people are addressing) and get you all of the relevant information for the meeting


Seth Hillbrand
KiCad Services Corporation
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