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Re: Repeat request for help from icon maintainer.



Thanks for this.

Unfortunately, inkscape and pngcrush seem to be a work in process on Msys.

If I install the package

    $ pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-inkscape

and run inkscape I get the error

    $ inkscape
    C:/msys64/mingw64/bin/inkscape.exe: error while loading shared libraries: libpoppler-89.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

If I build inkscape in MSYS and run make install I get

    [  0%] Built target potrace
    make[2]: Entering directory '/home/bjpic/debug'
    [  0%] Creating 48 pixel tall C:/msys64/home/bjpic/debug/bitmaps_png/tmp/wizard_add_fplib_icon.png
    Unknown option --without-gui
    [  0%] Creating 16 pixel tall C:/msys64/home/bjpic/debug/bitmaps_png/tmp/folder.png
    Unknown option --without-gui
    [  0%] Creating cleaned file C:/msys64/home/bjpic/kicad/bitmaps_png/png_16/folder.png

running inkscape --without-gui causes the same error.

Similarly, installing the pngcrush package in msys2 pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-pngcrush results in the warning

$ pngcrush
Warning: versions are different between png.h and png.c
  png.h version: 1.6.34
  png.c version: 1.6.37

Making pngcrush under msys2 fails with a forced error.

In general it seems that many related utilities under Msys2 are a dogs breakfasts.

Perhaps for the moment it would be best if I simply made my bitmaps manually.


On 2020-02-04 9:34 a.m., jp charras wrote:
Le 04/02/2020 à 15:06, Brian Piccioni a écrit :

I emailed earlier because when I follow the directions to create a new
icon under MSYS2 it fails.

This means that either

1) the directions are wrong or
2) I am following them incorrectly.

Perhaps an icon maintainer can get in contact with me and work through

I basically need to clone the icons annotate_right_down and
annotate_down_right rotated 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Not complicated.


Hi Brian,

To build the .cpp files the option MAINTAIN_PNGS must be set to ON in

1 - To avoid cache issues, delete your current CMakeCache.txt file in
your build directory.
2 - Run cmake as before, with option -DMAINTAIN_PNGS=ON to recreated the

After that you should be able to rebuild/create the .cpp bitmap files.

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