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Re: Broken Linux build



On 07.02.20 19:19, Simon Richter wrote:

> This. The COMPILE_DEFINITIONS property is applied to CC and CXX
> invocations, not to the SWIG command line.

Spoke too soon. Those are actually applied. What is happening is that
swig is invoked as

/usr/bin/swig3.0 -python -c++ -outdir /home/geier/OSS/kicad/Build/pcbnew
-I/home/geier/OSS/kicad/pcbnew -I/home/geier/OSS/kicad/include
-I/home/geier/OSS/kicad/scripting -I/home/geier/OSS/kicad/common/swig
-I/home/geier/OSS/kicad/libs/kimath/include -I -DDEBUG
/home/geier/OSS/kicad/Build/pcbnew/pcbnew_wrap.cxx swig/pcbnew.i

Notice the -I before the -DDEBUG? The fix for -DDEBUG reordered the
preprocessor definitions, so now -DDEBUG instead of the
-DKICAD_CONFIG_DIR is interpreted as an include directory.

The -I is expanded from -I${WXPYTHON_SWIG_DIR} which is an empty
variable that is never mentioned anywhere else in the source tree.

Unless there is a configuration that sets this variable, removing that
-I line from the swig invocation is the way to go.


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