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Proposal to update eeSchema annotation?



Now that Geographic Reannotation is a WIP I was thinking it might make sense to update eeSchema's Annotate dialog.

I propose the following:

*Change to dialog:*

**Add to Scope:             Selection

Add to Numbering:    Add/Remove prefixes (allows conformance to ASME Y14.44 and IEEE 315)                                       Replace "page number times 100, 1000" with "page number times X"

Add optional push to PCB

Place Advanced options on a tab.

*Incorporate undo
Perform a "sanity check" on new annotation to check for redundant references before committing it.

*Additional suggestions?

Compared to Geographic Reannotation this should be straightforward. I do not see any need to modify PCBNew code.

Also I have a better understanding of the code and process and should require less hand holding.

Any thoughts?


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