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Hi folks!

My KiCad time has been dramatically reduced for the past month due to
schools closing for COVID-19.

I hope to have the OCC switchover complete this week--there were some
fixup_bundle snags again.  (I swear this whole fiasco ends with me
joining the CMake macOS team...)  After the OCC switchover, I need to
debug something weird with the 5.1.5 package, so we're ready for
5.1.6.  At that point, I have one thing to clear up from a project
management (not technical) perspective re the notarization and that
should be able to be setup on our nightlies and releases.

Thanks for your patience as I continue to improve the macOS package :)
 I appreciate bug reports and ideas and PRs but I'm currently only
able to make time to process my KiCad backlog maybe once or twice a

Adam Wolf

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