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Re: Plot to raster image



Thanks for the advice, this is exactly how I do it at the moment. It
still need an extra round in GIMP or something to bi-level the exported
anti aliased png to avoid half toned edges. Works, but is quite cumbersome.


Kliment (Future Bits) kirjoitti 24.5.2020 klo 7.51:
> Hey,
> Without prejudice to whether or not this should be in Kicad, and how it
> should be implemented, there's a way to do this now, with existing
> tools. You start from gerbers - libgerbv supports this operation out of
> the box for example, and it knows exactly what it's trying to produce.
> So you can plot to gerbers and then run it through gerbv to get what you
> need right now.
> Kliment

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