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Re: How do we envision Pad Stacks?


On 2020-06-11 08:35, Jeff Young wrote:

>> On 11 Jun 2020, at 16:16, Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
>> If not, we
>> need to create one to make sure we have it well defined before any
>> implementation can be done.
> Just to be clear: I'm not looking at implementing it.  But I'd need to know what direction we were moving in *if* I were to implement a WYSIWYG custom pad editor. 
> If we're going to allow a shape per layer, then it pretty much needs to be a repurposed PCB_BASE_FRAME.  If we're going to do something like Altium then we probably just want a canvas with shape tools and the point editor.

Hi Jeff- 

I think I'd vote for us doing something like Altium and allow the shape
to be assigned to one or multiple layers (outside of the shape editor). 
In that sense, I think we can use just the canvas with tools/editor. 
Once the shape is defined in this editor, we could allow it to be named
and used in multiple padstacks and multiple layers.  This makes a
clearer mapping to the various file formats that do implement padstacks.


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