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GitLab milestone cleanup


Hi all,

I wanted to make it more clear what the remaining work is for 6.0, so
I created a new "6.0 Feature Freeze" milestone separate from the
6.0.0-rc1 milestone that already existed:

Those with permissions to assign milestones on GitLab: please assign
wishlist/feature-request items to the Feature Freeze milestone (if
they will be worked on for 6.0) and bug reports to the 6.0.0-rc1
milestone.  That way, we can keep track of the remaining work needed
before feature freeze can happen separate from issues that could get
fixed after feature freeze.

Also, if anyone is planning on working on something for 6.0 and is not
currently assigned to it in GitLab, please assign yourself the issue
(and create the issue for it if it's not there yet!)


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