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Critical path item / request for help


Hi Folks-

One aspect of KiCad v6 that is critical for us is the ability to move to Python3 on all platforms. So far, we've been able to port Linux and MacOS but Windows remains the laggard.

There are a couple ways to proceed here for the interested developer. Our standard chain uses mingw32. This build system does not yet support wxPython4.0 (needed for Python3). The package in mingw32 could be updated to support wxPython4.0.

Alternatively, wxPython4 for Windows compiles using Microsoft Visual Studio. We do not have a full build of KiCad and dependencies that works using MS Visual Studio and their packaging repository vcpkg. That said, we've been moving in that direction with the main system, so adding the needed items to vcpkg for a full KiCad build may be easier.

Is there anyone on this list who'd be willing to take this project on?


Seth Hillbrand
KiCad Services Corporation
+1 530 302 5483 | +1 212 603 9372

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