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Re: Display origin transforms for DRC reports?


On 10/07/2020 00:58, Reece R. Pollack wrote:
> I'm looking at display origin transformations for DRC reports.
> With the 5.1.x branch Pcbnew, the DRC report dialog box message texts
> contained the Cartesian coordinates of each flagged item. It appears
> that the 5.99 branch no longer displays the coordinates of DRC items.
> However, the Cartesian coordinates are still listed in the report file.
> Unlike the display in a dialog box, this report is persistent and could
> be passed to someone using different display origin settings.
>  1. Should these coordinates be reported relative to the page origin, or
>     transformed per the user-selected origin and axis directions?
>  2. If the coordinates are transformed, should the report include the
>     user settings?
> -Reece


I wouldn't introduce any changes to the current DRC code, we're
designing a new DRC engine for KiCad V6 and many things in DRC interface
will likely change.

IMHO the DRC coordinate transform belongs to the UI, not the DRC itself:
- the DRC engine generates an internal report with coordinates in board
coordinate space
- whatever displays the report to the user (i.e. the DRC dialog)
converts the board coordinates to UI coordinates.

- my 5 cents

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