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Re: Display origin transforms for DRC reports?


On 7/9/20 7:09 PM, Tomasz Wlostowski wrote:
On 10/07/2020 00:58, Reece R. Pollack wrote:
I'm looking at display origin transformations for DRC reports.

With the 5.1.x branch Pcbnew, the DRC report dialog box message texts
contained the Cartesian coordinates of each flagged item. It appears
that the 5.99 branch no longer displays the coordinates of DRC items.
However, the Cartesian coordinates are still listed in the report file.
Unlike the display in a dialog box, this report is persistent and could
be passed to someone using different display origin settings.

  1. Should these coordinates be reported relative to the page origin, or
     transformed per the user-selected origin and axis directions?
  2. If the coordinates are transformed, should the report include the
     user settings?



I wouldn't introduce any changes to the current DRC code, we're
designing a new DRC engine for KiCad V6 and many things in DRC interface
will likely change.

IMHO the DRC coordinate transform belongs to the UI, not the DRC itself:
- the DRC engine generates an internal report with coordinates in board
coordinate space
- whatever displays the report to the user (i.e. the DRC dialog)
converts the board coordinates to UI coordinates.

- my 5 cents


I'm not hard to convince, especially when it means doing less work.

This sounds like the RC_ITEM::ShowCoord function will be removed or replaced. It's one of the two troublesome function groups.

The other troublesome function group is the GetSelectMenuText function. Last year I knew what they did but I've forgotten in the interim. Will this DRC rewrite replace these?


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