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Output Generation automation


Hi all,

In regards with issue #2346, I think Kicad users would highly benefit
from an output automation.


I know some work already has been done with plugins like Kiplot (
https://github.com/johnbeard/kiplot ) , but I think Kicad should have
its own automated output generation.

I do not know if someone already started to specify how something like
this should work, but I started a document:


This document describes how the user could use the automated output
generation, and provides some visuals. It does not describe how it
should work under the hood ( storing information in files, how the
plotting tools connect,... ).

It deals with user interface.

If you have any comment about the document, please add them to the
document. If you know any other document that deals with this matter, I
would love to have a link to it.

If we get to something that satisfies (almost ?) everybody, we could
then add some implementation notes, and hopefully we could have
something working for V6.

Kicadly yours,

Fabien Corona