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Re: Build failure in Fedora Rawhide


On 7/20/20 5:37 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
Hi Steve-

This looks like a build setup issue, not in our CMake code.  We can build out of tree (in fact, we really prefer it) right now.  From the log, the broken command is

You can modify this in your .spec.template file.

I understand that, and I use out-of-tree builds for most of my local KiCAD builds.  But that is not how the nightlies work.  They are built on the Copr website, and they use the normal RPM build mechanism.

You are correct that there is nothing wrong with our CMake code, and we can fix our build setup.  But it is more than just compiling the source.  There are lots of other components that get built, and the location of the files that get rolled into the package will also change a bit.  So the changes will take some time to sort out, especially given how long it takes to test a build.  Hence the proposal of the workaround.


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