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canvas_type configuration in different subprograms in 5.99?


I quickly tried to set the canvas type to Accelerated on all
subprograms. Then when I grep the configuration files I get:

gerbview.json:    "canvas_type": 1,
libedit.json:    "canvas_type": 2,
pcb_calculator.json:    "canvas_type": 2,
3d_viewer.json:    "canvas_type": 2,
bitmap2component.json:    "canvas_type": 2,
eeschema.json:    "canvas_type": 1,
cvpcb.json:    "canvas_type": 2,
kicad.json:    "canvas_type": 2,
pcbnew.json:    "canvas_type": 1,
symbol_editor.json:    "canvas_type": 2,
fpedit.json:    "canvas_type": 2,
pl_editor.json:    "canvas_type": 1,

Does it actually mean the same thing in all these files, and why the

Eeli Kaikkonen

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