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Packagers: proposed change to library search paths logic


Hi all,

There is a proposal[1] to use the PATHS::GetStockDataPath() instead of
DEFAULT_INSTALL_PATH to set the base path for finding KiCad libraries.

This resolves to the KICAD_DATA CMake variable on Linux, and has
special-casing on Windows and MacOS to handle the packaging setup on those

This would make it easier for packagers to set custom paths for things
without requiring the use of environment variables, as described in the MR.

I think this should be OK as we already depend on KICAD_DATA for other
things, but wanted to check to see if any packagers are concerned about
this.  It *should* result in no functional change, unless there is any
package that is customizing DEFAULT_INSTALL_PATH and isn't also setting
KICAD_DATA the same way.


[1] https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/merge_requests/727