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Re: Contributing 3DMouse code to KiCAD


On 2021-03-25 10:18 a.m., Markus Bonk wrote:
I am able to start contributing code to implement navigation in the 3D-Viewer and pcbnew.

I am however already failing: I cannot create a branch on GitLab in the KICAD project to add the feature.

It has become more common with sites like GitHub and GitLab for you to fork the project, make your changes (to a branch), push the changes, then make a merge request.

I've not dealt with merge requests on a project. It makes me think the developers need to download a new copy of the source tree to find out the differences.

The older way of doing things was to file a bug report (or enhancement request in this case), and you can attach program patches to it that others can apply to their copies of the source tree.

IIRC, KiCAD is now in feature freeze. I build KiCAD from source. I recently upgraded from a Space Navigator to a Space Mouse Pro. If you generate patch files I could apply them to my copy of v6 to help with initial testing and feedback.



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