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Feature request: Gerbview - Print - Pagination option


Hi devs,

New mailing-list member here.

When I print multiple layers from Gerbview, the layers appear one per page.
Would like a radio button for pagination, to choose all layers on one page
or one layer on each page. Pcbnew has this but not Gerbview.

In my engineering workflow I print out a paper PCB "model" showing (only)
the edges, drills, and silkscreen. With office tools I cut the edges and
accurately punch out the drill holes for all mounting hardware, then I
"install" the piece of paper in the mounting to show board shape and
silkscreen in the actual housing and mounting. This is also a test of
gerber integrity since the "model" is produced from preliminary gerbers. In
my current workflow I have to print from Gerbview (to PDF) then postprocess
the PDF to flatten it to one page.

Note, I think pcbnew can print "real" drill if you include a copper layer
but my "model" must not show any copper or soldermask. Silkscreen only.
Also, a print from pcbnew is useless for gerber integrity. Whence, I am
inquiring about the pagination feature for Gerbview, to be sure
verification of gerber is included in the workflow.

Clifford Simon
I'm using (5.1.9)-1. I just saw the 5.1.10 release but I haven't downloaded
it yet.

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