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Python 3 now required


Hi Folks-

KiCad now officially only supports Python 3.  Note that this comes a full
year and 6 months after Python 2 was deprecated (https://pythonclock.org/)
and most, if not all, of our supporting packages have pledged to stop
supporting Python 2 (https://python3statement.org/)

We are now making the same transition.

As part of this transition, we are also binding the Python interpreter more
closely with KiCad.  This means that we have removed the following build
settings and set them all to 'ON':


For the moment, `KICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON` does remain an advanced build
setting but we'll be moving that to the advanced_config file shortly as it
does not control a build setting (only a run-time operation).

The current minimum Python version is 3.7 (due to a module test call we
use) but we are looking at potentially supporting Python 3.6 if we can
handle dynamic reloads.

A large thank you in this effort goes to Mark Roszko and Adam Wolf who
wrangled the build requirements for Windows and Mac respectively.  The
transition was non-trivial and largely invisible.  KiCad has come out
better for the work that they contributed.  Thank you!

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Seth Hillbrand
*Lead Developer*
Long Beach, CA
www.kipro-pcb.com    info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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