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Experience compiling latest HEAD



I'm using Kicad on Kubuntu 21.04 with a 4K screen, and experience the 'tiny fonts' problem on it. I got fed up with that a few days ago and noticed the recommendations that wxWin 3.1 fixes many issues. I first tried to install the 'flatpak' build, but couldn't do so, so then I compiled it from scratch. It took a little while but I did get to a build (re: the recent GLEW posts, that was a problem for me also).

The project screen loaded fine and displays the fonts very nicely... however, pcbnew fails (either directly or via project window) with a DRI failed to authenticate message. Having looked around, I think this could be because I'm using the nVidia driver for my GTX1060 GPU which doesn't play nice with DRI. However, the officially-compiled kicad versions (including nightly) work fine in that regard, so I'm not sure what is happening there.

So, this is a long post to say:

    Please incorporate wx 3.1 into the Linux build, as you have for the Win and Mac builds, because wx 3.0 is broken.

Also, it would be good to know (if it is known) what happened with DRI 2.


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