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Re: Experience compiling latest HEAD


Hi Ruth,

Am Montag, dem 28.06.2021 um 16:38 +0100 schrieb Ruth Ivimey-Cook:
> I first tried to install the 'flatpak' build, but couldn't do so, so
> then I compiled it from scratch.

I maintain the KiCad flatpak manifests.

Did you try to install the flatpak from flathub.org, i.e.

    flatpak install flathub org.kicad.KiCad

(assuming you have the flathub remote installed) or did you try to
build the kicad-nightly flatpak from Gitlab yourself, i.e.

Either should be possible, so if you didn't succeed, I am curious what
exactly has failed when, and where?

Refering to your initial grief about tiny fonts on 4K monitors, the
official "stable" channel on flathub was built on wx 3.0, while the
nightly-flatpak manifest, tracking master, builds on wx 3.1. So, if you
want to keep trying the flatpak build, please try the nightly-flatpak.
The README found via the link above should get you started if you are
new to flatpak.


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