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Re: Kicad functionality explanation help



Yes, all are not bugs. Some are feature requests . The issues are listed for all platforms combined.  It may be important to be aware of which platforms are having work-stopping-issues such as a crash so that the users on a particular platform are not affected by some of those bugs.  Is it alright to work on windows or Linux platform? I am trying to do some mock UI  tests first as they have higher priority and then I will try to do unit/coverage tests for Gerber and others as suggested by Wayne. You mentioned that you have a workflow .Can you please elaborate or give a description of it?  If you can please do tell the setup of a machine to test . I have followed these instructions and have been able to compile and produce a binary executable on windows with Msys2.

Many thanks,

From: Mark Roszko
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2021 7:41 PM
To: Amit M
Cc: KiCad Developers
Subject: Re: [Kicad-developers] Kicad functionality explanation help

>The number of issues is about 1170 on any day since a few months. My goal is to reduce the number of open issues to a bare minimum or eliminate them

You realize we only have <100 real issues right? You cannot look at the silly total displayed and assume. You have to drill down by tags.
A vast majority are wishlist items (849), not actual bugs.

Some bugs also cannot be fixed by wishful thinking, they are platform issues or user specific with no reproduction cases but we leave open for documentation. Some bugs are also slated for later fixes in newer versions downstream.

You came barging in assuming we are just randomly  committing code without plans. We absolutely do and have a workflow. Of course we are volunteers and work on what we want and when we want which is why we don't take kindly to someone coming in and accosting us that we need someone to manage us and spend months writing fizz buzz to work on KiCad which is already going slow.

On Tue, Jun 29, 2021, 8:12 AM Amit M <wjl239423sdjl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello all,
I’m a beginner to Kicad source code. I’m looking to test some modules and components. Is there a way to learn which module does what in the repo? I have the source code with me.  The whole project seems a bit complex so I’m trying to figure out one part , test it and then increase tests to other parts to cover most or all of it.  I am sort of familiar with understanding large code bases but am finding a starting point. I have been told to look at the directory below and write tests there. 
The entire code is below: 
If you can, can you please suggest any documentation or emails or anything which can explain which module does what and how does each module work ? Examples of some modules I’m wanting to learn to test are eeschema, pcbnew, qa_utils, gerber and geometry just to name a few. I  also looked at UI and other things such as 3d viewer modules. I figure there may be UI related bugs because there were crashes as listed in the mailing list or in the issue list here:
The number of issues is about 1170 on any day since a few months. My goal is to reduce the number of open issues to a bare minimum or eliminate them.
I had some discussions with the developers and they didn’t accept suggestions that writing detailed software requirements and design specifications to reduce bugs would work as most developers are volunteers. 
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