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Error loading drawing sheet.



Having put a great deal of work into a design and layout I find myself
with "Error loading drawing sheet" when I load the schematic. I have
tried all means to fix this. At one point I deleted the contents of the
schematic and created a new (empty) one and that reports "Error loading
drawing sheet" when created suggesting this is somehow related to the
project. Here is the contents of the Kicad created schematic (5.99
latest nightly) which causes the error.

When I create an entirely new project I do not get this error when
creating a new sheet

(kicad_sch (version 20210621) (generator eeschema)

  (uuid 5081e04a-a8b1-4256-8df1-1e019c9c003e)

  (paper "B")


    (path "/" (page "1"))

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