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Re: For those wondering about KiCad version 5.99.0 in Debian unstable...


Hi Carsten,

I was reminded of this thread because of this forum post:

Is the fact that there is a 6.0.0 tag on experimental also related to this
issue with versioning?


On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 2:25 AM Carsten Schoenert <c.schoenert@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> it's not really a version 5.99.0.
> I made a mistake last week while preparing a current snapshot of all
> relevant KiCad parts and the kicad package was of course intended for
> uploading to the distribution experimental but was pushed into
> unstable/sid due stupidity of me.
> To fix this error I needed to upload a greater version into the archive
> than the previous upload as DAK (the Debian Archive Kit) is checking for
> this condition and will reject the upload otherwise, the Debian system
> is only supporting upgrades and no downgrades.
> Another option would have been to use a epoch, that prefix with a colon
> before the typical version number string. E.g. *1:*5.1.9 could I've been
> used.
> But introducing epochs need to go through consensus on the list
> debian-devel as these are often avoidable and not really needed. And I
> think this here is a case there no need for an epoch is required and I
> have chosen to simply increase the version numbering from a POV of DAK
> and created a version 5.99.0+really5.1.9.
> The underlying source is still 5.1.9.
> I need to stay with this schema until 6.x will get released (6.x is
> greater than 5.99.x), even for the backported versions. I'm really not
> proud about the mistake I've made but it's happen. :-(
> This will also have effect for Ubuntu and their downstreams as the PPA
> version will also became less than 5.99.0+really once the Debian
> version(s) will hit the Ubuntu archive and users wouldn't be able to
> install packages from PPA archives in case they have previously
> installed kicad package from the Ubuntu archive.
> There are two solution for this case people want to use the PPA versions
> of kicad.
> Option A:
>  - The PPA versioning doesn't adopt the version schema from Debian
> People can't have installed kicad packages from the Ubuntu archive
> before, if they have installed the kicad package from Ubuntu they need
> to be removed first!
> Option B
>  - The PPA archive is also using the versioning schema from Debian
> In this case users doesn't have to do anything than to add the PPA
> entries as it's already done yet right now.
> My suggestion is to do the latter, so the names, versions and behaviour
> will stay the same on all Debian based distributions.
> This all is only relevant for the non nightly packages as this is using
> a different package name!
> --
> Regards
> Carsten
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