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First Merge Request


Hello All,

I've posted my first merge request to the KiCad gitlab. It seems to be
within the guidelines now, sorry for spamming the previous requests. I was
having some trouble with GitLab identifying whether or not the commits
could be rebased onto master with fast forwarding only. It was almost
certainly my mistake, I'm more used to patch submission using git
format-patch than merge requests.


My goal is to contribute by fixing a few small annoyances here and there.
Is it preferred that I open an Issue for each fix that I can reference in
my merge request, or to just send the merge request with the changes

Also, is there any documentation outside of doxygen for the KiWay and
Hotkey subsystems? For KiWay, I was unsure whether it was better to call
functions directly or to use KiWay events when both would have the same
functionality. For hotkeys, I was thinking about adding more hotkeys to the
pin table editor.

The codebase in general seems very clean. Thanks for a great product, I've
shipped numerous designs with it.


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