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Re: libngspice versioning by libtool


Am 27.07.21 um 20:12 schrieb Holger Vogt:
> Carsten,
> it is not about what I should do, but what the KiCad devs should do to 
> allow me adding versioning to shared ngspice.  I will add versioning if 
> it is aknowledged by KiCad/Eeschema.

That's not the question in my eyes. It's not something that you need to
be allowed to do. In my eyes it the responsibility of every maintainer
to do it right. It's really hard to package some libraries because we
need to do a lot of extra work and tricks so the user can use the
library in the end.

Serving a proper versioned library is the only right way in the long
run. What non versioned work can produce is better than ever visible in
the Windows world. Every peace of software brings in it's own bundled
version of the same peace of software because it's just a hassle to use
system wide installed libraries even if they are from M$ itself.

I thought this topic was already clear. There is now an extra variable
in sharedspice.h that the Windows world can rely on.