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Tools for editing/creating UI elements in KiCad?


Hi Folks,

Reviving some conversation that's happened over the years...what are the favored tools for editing and/or creating the wxWidgets UI elements for KiCad?  Hopefully not "vi"...

On the one hand, I suppose I could always just go my own way with my own fork, but I'd like to wind up with something possibly re-integratable when I'm done (the current idea is creating a hand-assembly assistant -- a simple UI that will select/highlight parts in pcbnew to help me get my eyes on the right spot on the real board, and let me check off the parts as I place them, etc).

I found some discussion surrounding wxFormBuilder from 2008, and I know that CMake can generate project files for CodeLite, which features wxFormBuilder integration... so is that the recommended path?


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