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Warning about potentially malicious software


Hi Folks-

As you know, the original KiCad domain name (kicad-pcb.org) was recently
sold.  This happened without notification to the KiCad Project or members
of the KiCad Development Team. This sale was unexpected and may pose a risk
to KiCad users. The new owners may simply post advertisements or
(worst-case scenario) they may host malicious versions of the KiCad
software for download.

# How did this happen?

The domain name was originally registered in 2012 by the then project lead
Dick Hollenbeck. As KiCad did not have a formal entity at the time, he
registered it in his own name through his company SoftPLC. When the KiCad
Project formally became registered under the Linux Foundation, we attempted
to secure the rights to the original domain name from Dick without success.

In the meantime, Digikey Corporation purchased the kicad.org domain name
from squatters and donated it to the KiCad Project.  This is now our
current domain name.

# What is the KiCad Project doing now to protect its users?

We are removing all links to the old domain name in the software for
version 5.1.11 as well as 6.0. We are also contacting various sites that
host content related to KiCad to update their links.

# What can I do?

Please do not contact Dick about this. He cannot undo the damage at this

If you host KiCad videos on YouTube or content on a blog that has links to
kicad-pcb.org, please update them to kicad.org as soon as possible. This
will decrease the visibility of the old domain-name and limit the damage.
You can also contact tech sites that post reviews of KiCad or otherwise
have links to the old site and ask them to update their links.

When installing KiCad, please always verify the installation signature.
Starting with KiCad version 5.99, all installs are signed by KiCad Services

# What is KiCad doing to prevent this in the future?

The current kicad.org domain name is not under control of a single person.
We have built in safeguards to our transfer process. Additionally, all
KiCad trademarks are registered to the Linux Foundation for the sole
purpose of advancing open-source EDA software.

We regret that this was done to the KiCad project and its users.

[image: KiCad Services Corporation Logo]
Seth Hillbrand
*Lead Developer*
Long Beach, CA
www.kipro-pcb.com    info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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