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Version 6 release schedule


The lead development team has agreed on a version 6 release schedule as follows:

- String freeze November 1.
- Tag RC1 on November 15.
- All repos frozen on December 14.
- Tag all repos with 6.0.0 on December 15.
- 6.0.0 release announcement December 31 (maybe the day before Christmas
  just for fun).
- Branch V6 and open master for new feature development on January 1.

Our goal is to stick to that as closely as possible so if you have any outstanding work, please use this schedule as a reference to get it done.

Going forward, we will be following the new stable release policy[1] which will move us to an annual release schedule.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of the KiCad project. Hopefully the version 6 release will go reasonably smoothly and we can get started on version 7 in 2022.



[1]: https://dev-docs.kicad.org/en/rules-guidelines/release-policy/

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